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The Law of Attraction Truth

Astrology, Aura & Energy    
Legislation of Attraction Truth



Yes, like energy attracts like energy. Nevertheless, you still need a soul blueprint. Your soul has goals in this lifetime so your free will is dependant on those goals. THAT is why you get in crisis mode using the world crumbling down on you at times. If you dont hear your higher self and go ahead and take path your soul really wants to take, the universe will crash your course. That's the reason countless spiritual people say let go and leg god. If it's not designed for after this you it's not happening. Lets acquire more specific.


Im an astrologer. In your chart, Observed your soul patterns from past lives plus your soul purpose. As an alternative to resisting the journey, understand the journey and embrace right onto your pathway. This can be done through meditation work, while using Tarot Cards for spiritual guidance, or with your astrological chart.

Another level of what the law states of attraction is your energetic frequency. If your energetic frequency is low after that your energy channels are likely not operating at full capacity. Low energy attracts low energy. Should you be weak, you will not be in a position to tap into your spiritual nature and understand the best decisions to generate. You obtain mistaken for low energy. And occasional energy will attract other low energy for the physical and spiritual realm. Individuals will act more negative toward you, more negative men and women will be fascinated by you, and minimize spirits could be more more likely to benefit from your weak energy.

Raise Your Vibration

Kriya and sound healing work are one of the most effective ways to increase your vibration. You can practice tantric yoga, kundalini yoga, explore pranayama - that's deep breath work. We have some wonderful recommended videos during my Youtube playlist on Brandy Joy Tv. Furthermore, i have a free beginners meditation video course it is possible to choose to use lift up your vibration. The kind of meditation practices I really do these are known as active meditation methods. They require deep breathwork and sound vibratory techniques that clear your energy, move your efforts, change your brain chemistry, and still provide the intuitive insight that so many of us are missing within this westernized un-spirituated world. Practice daily!

Post by lawofattraction5 (2016-09-30 10:42)

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